AMA to be honored at 1st Saranac Lake Testimonial Dinner

The Village of Saranac Lake announces the beginning of Civic Testimonial Dinners. The first in the series will salute the American Management Association (AMA) and The event’s guest of honor will be AMA CEO Edward Reilly.

SaranacLake’s Mayor Clyde Rabideau says It is tremendously appropriate for our greater community to express its gratitude and appreciation to AMA for providing jobs and economic enhancement to the region for well over a half a century.

Local and regional political and business leaders will also be on hand to address the gathering and “give testimony” to AMA’s profound and prolonged impact to the SaranacLakeregion.

 The Mayor stressed that the dinner is open to the general public. He says this testimonial dinner is a community-wide event, a celebration of one of our business neighbors and, at the same time, of our community as a whole.

 Katy VanAnden has been chosen by the village to coordinate the event.. She says she hopes this event will be a forum and format for us to give recognition to SaranacLake’s other key employers and organizations in the months and years ahead. The first testimonial dinner, planned by the Village of Saranac Lake is set for November 1st.

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