A Rails to Trails presentation at the Saranac Lake Village Board meeting marks the next phase of efforts by the group to remove track from the rail corridor betweenSaranacLakeand Old Forge…

AUDIO – 072412 – ARTA Presents ideas to Saranac Lake Village Board

 The final call on rails to trails is made by Andrew Cuomo – That’s Lee Keet’s answer to a question by The Village of Saranac Lake’s Deputy Mayor  Tom Catillaz, and it’s also why members of the Adirondack Rails to Trails organization begins an informational campaign, visiting with towns and villages along the Adirondack Rail Corridor asking for resolutions of support for their project. Keet suggests that Rails would remain fromSaranacLaketo Lake Placid andSaranacLake’s Mayor Clyde Rabideau says there may be two other “legs” of the journey and he is concerned about the section from Saranac Lake to TupperLake

AUDIO: (Clyde says) “Because the Tupper Lakers have put a lot of resources into the concept of having both a rail corridor and a trail for bikers” Keet responds to the question by answering that there are wetlands, and other obstacles which would require too much expense and create environmental problems if construction were to be proposed to add a trail next to the rails. He also mentions that a fence would have to be built between the Railway and the trail whcih would not make landowners whose backyards include the rail corridor happy.

 That was Lee Keet responding to the Mayor. And what happens if the government decides it wants to build a monorail, or a new high speed train for the region on the corridor. Keet say’s it’s part of all of the cooridor leases, whereby the state can re-claim the corridor and at that point, the foundation for rails because of the new trail would provide support for any new set of rails the government would want to install..  He also says if the state were to consider building a new connection betweenUticaandLake Placid, they would most likely have to start from scratch anyway because the current track would restrict the speed of any travel to no more than 30 miles per hour..

 Keet says in his presentation to the board that ARTA plans to go village to village, town to town  with this presentation, asking for resolutions of support from local municipalities. The presentation included a letter from the group to the Mayor outlining their proposal.

 ARTA Letter to Clyde Rabideau

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