The Saranac Lake Central School Board is presented with a possible timeline as their search for a new School Superintendent commences…  Steve Shafer is a consultant with BOCES and he was given time during the School Boards regular meeting to present a service to the board which is provided free of charge to the district as part of their ongoing administrative contract with that agency who already handles certain other administrative and clerical duties for the school system…

AUDIO – 072612 – SLCS Board Considers BOCES Consultant

Shafer says… Things have changed from 20 years ago..

 AUDIO: ( Shafer  says the candidate pool is not quite as deep – the candidate pools has thinned a little bit..)

 Current Superintendent Gerald Goldman will be retiring at the end of the coming school year and has stated that his final board meeting will be in June a year from now.. The first step forSaranacLake’s School board is to begin a search which could take as long as 3 months to complete. Shafer says it is surprising some of the people that apply for the position which sometimes makes the applicant pool seem a little larger than it actually is, but normally they expect somewhere around 8 to 11 applicants with perhaps 4 finalists being invited to return for a second interview. Shafer has worked with 4 districts including Malone Central, LongLake, and Chateguay and he says all 4 of the processes that he’s done have included opportunities for candidates to meet with community members, teachers, and other interested groups.

 AUDIO: ( Shafer says they’ve kind of Round Robined the candidates through a group of staff members, a group from the community and maybe a PTA group and then the groups give their feedback.)

 Finding a consultant familiar with the hiring process is one of the first steps and the board thanked Mr Shafer for his time and his presentation while they consider their options.

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