Lake Placid, North Elba offices Closed Friday

LAKE PLACID OFFICES CLOSED FRIDAY (July 20th, 2012) - Lake Placid’s Village Board will follow North Elba’s Lead on Friday this week, closing their offices for the day. Until today, there had been a big yellow sign on the entrance door announcing that the Town of North Elba offices would be closed on Friday. During it’s regular meeting, The Lake Placid Village Board voted to follow suit. Last year, the Village’s offices remained open on friday, but because the North Elba offices were closed, there wasn’t much for them to do, because no one could come in and the door to the bathroom was locked. The year before, Lake Placid closed it’s offices along with the Town of North Elba and after a little discussion the board agreed to close for the day leaving only the Lake Placid Police Department open for business. While the front doors to the Town and Village offices will be locked, Lake Placid’s Police Department uses a rear entrance which will remain open.


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