SARANAC LAKE (07/14/12) — The Women’s Civic Chamber holds a villagewide garage sale on Saturday. It consists of more than 80 different locations participating in the garage sale plus the “Home Base” at Riverside Park.

AUDIO – 071612 – Saranac Lake Village-wide Garage Sale

Stacy Annis and Mary Duffy are at the raffle table. Kristeen Colby and Kelly Burth are selling lunch and snacks for the event, Krtisteen’s husband is helping with the burgers and hot dogs, he says she’s put him to work moving tables, and people from Tupper Lake, Wilmingon, and outside say it’s the best garage sale they’ve ever been to.  Kelly says they were expecting maybe 40 sales, but they’ve ended up with more than 80. She says Kristeen took a call from someone in Massena who realized that there were 80 different sales and decided to come to Saranac Lake for the day. Colby says it’s going amazing and the Women’s Civic Chamber will raise more the $2,000 for the organization. The fundraiser may exceed half of the Women’s Civic Chamber Budget. Until now, the organization has rasied on average $5,000 per year. Many of the events they coordinate such as the 4th of July celebrations are intended to be communitywide events rather than fundraisers but this new community-wide garage sale will raise approximately $2,500.00 with all of the proceeds going towards the Civic Chamber’s efforts to support the community of Saranac Lake.

Kristeen Colby and Kelly Berth at the Food Tent in Riverside Park

Kelly says they weren’t trying to outdo or compete, they were just doing the same exact prices it might be for them to market their sales themselves. The $20 donations raised $1,600.00 which represents the bulk of the money for the day. The balance of the funds were raised through the food, the bake sale and the basket rafles. They weren’t charging for the maps, but just asking for donations at the welcome table. The group expects to approach $2,500 in funds raised. By noon, the organization had handed out all of the original 500 maps printed and, with help from the Saranac Lake area Chamber of Commerce printed another 350 maps for a total of more than 850 garage sale maps distributed to visitors and residents during the day on saturday.

Elizabeth Bock  is from Loon Lake and she connected with someone she knows locally and dragged all of her stuff into Saranac Lake for the event just because of the volume of people that were going to be here..  She says there have been lots of people stopping by…   AUDIO -Elizabeth Bock: She thinks there’s more choice and people are being a little more picky than others. People also began to show up by 7:30am and Bock says she also sold a few things Friday night while she was setting up..

WNBZ’s Peter Ruppert spent the morning travelling the circuit, he spoke with Bob Farmer who says they decided to join in.  AUDIO – Bob Farmer: He says It’s early yet, but there’s been a fair amount of people through and some people are just browsing, others come in quickly looking for things they may not have..  People are looking for equipment, tools, children’s clothes and Farmer says they had a lot of items which had accumulated over the years and they took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the big sale.

Pete spoke with Greg Camello at one of the participating garage sales. AUDIO – Greg Camello: Greg says there are a lot of visitors in town for the event. He’s spoken with several who were from Massena, Plattsbrugh, Down in the Moores area.

Allison Hollingsworth is shopping with friends, she spoke with Peter about their plans for the day.  AUDIO – Allison Hollingsworth: she says they’re not going to be able to visit them all just because there are so many, and they’re looking for children’s clothing, books and can’t believe how many people are participating in the event.

Right now, everyone agrees the event was a success and while plans haven’t been drawn out for next year’s Villagewide Garage Sale, It appears as though Kristeen Colby has hit on a community event that may become a regular tradition in Saranac Lake..









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