The Birthday Club

Two birthdays in History today – (August 20th, 2012)

Roger W. Sperry (08/20/1913) was an American neurobiologist. After earning a doctorate in zoology, he went on to produce studies demonstrating how the left side of the brain is normally dominant for analytical tasks, and the right side assumes dominance in spatial tasks and music. The techniques Sperry developed allowed for more specialized explorations of the brain. He was co-awarded a Nobel Prize in 1981.

Born in 1833 on a farm by the Ohio River below Cincinnati, Harrison attended Miami University in Ohio and read law in Cincinnati. He moved to Indianapolis, where he practiced law and campaigned for the Republican Party. He married Caroline Lavinia Scott in 1853. After the Civil War–he was Colonel of the 70th Volunteer Infantry–Harrison became a pillar of Indianapolis, enhancing his reputation as a brilliant lawyer.

The Democrats defeated him for Governor of Indiana in 1876 by unfairly stigmatizing him as “Kid Gloves” Harrison. In the 1880′s he served in the United States Senate, where he championed Indians. homesteaders, and Civil War veterans.

In the Presidential election, Harrison received 100,000 fewer popular votes than Cleveland, but carried the Electoral College 233 to 168. Although Harrison had made no political bargains, his supporters had given innumerable pledges upon his behalf.

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