A New Account Clerk for the VIllage of Saranac Lake

At a previous board meting, Saranac Lake’s village board approved a search for an account clerk who would be responsible directly to the Village Treasurer. At the latest meeting, a resolution is proposed to hire Alana M Sharland from Malone to fill that position subject to the customary  probationary period. The Staff has conducted several interviews for eligible candidates from the civil service list for the Account Clerk Position. The budget for this position starts at $32,822 dollars which is already included as part of the villages budget for the Account Clerk’s Position.

Paul Ellis is Saranac Lake’s Village Treasurer


The position does not require residence in the village but Sharland, who is currently a resident of Malone, has expressed an interest in moving into the village. During deliberations, the board approved her appointment…

Left to Right: Mayor Clyde Rabideau, Village Manager John Sweeney, Village Trustee Barbara Rice, Village Trustee Paul Van Cott

The Wastewater Treatment facility in Saranac Lake is also adding personell. Preston Darrah has been hired on a provisional basis as an operator trainee and having passed the civil service exam, he’s well ahead of the curve. The board approved a resolution appointing Mr Darrah under the rules of Civil Service..

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