A Sustainable Food Movement – Comes to the Town Hall

From Perdue to Pasture: Humanely raising Chickens for Market
Carole Morison, the former Perdue contract chicken farmer featured in the Academy Award nominated film “Food, Inc”  will speak Friday, August 31 at  7:00 pm at the Harrietstown Town Hall. Her talk, “Industrial Farming to Pasture-Raised: Progressing the Sustainable Food Movement” will highlight her prior experience with Perdue as well as the recent transitioning of her farm to a pasture-based egg farm in Maryland.  Ms. Morrison’s brave expose of the deplorable conditions imposed by agribusiness on contract “chicken growers” farm systems revealed the true horrors of antibiotics, high-tech breeding and overcrowding rampant in industrial meat farming.  Her willingness to permit filmmakers onto her farm was in direct violation of Perdue’s contract rules that unregistered guests, including her own grandchildren, could not come onto the farm.
    Now an activist for the rights of family farmers, Carole and her husband parted ways with Perdue after 23 years when they terminated her contract shortly before the release of “Food, Inc” for her refusal to install dark, tunnel-ventilated chicken houses. Her talk will begin with a screening of the short clip of the portion of the film in which she is featured.  She now works as an agricultural consultant specializing in the development of local food systems and champions the idea of abolishing the secret practices of industrial food production.
    Carole is coming to Saranac Lake with Animal Welfare Approved, a program that audits and certifies family farms raising their animals humanely, outdoors on pasture or range. She and representatives from Animal Welfare Approved will be on hand at the Farm 2 Fork Festival on Saturday September 1st. Carole will speak briefly at the festival at 10:30am. Ms. Morison’s talk is part of this year’s Adirondack Green Circle Speakers Series, “The Green Circle Speaks: Savoring and Saving the World.” For more information, contact Gail Brill at 891-0182.

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