Administrators Sharing Health Insurance Costs at Saranac Lake School

Saranac Lake Central School District Superintendent Gerald Goldman and the school’s business manager Dan Bower sign a memorandum of understanding where over the next three years where administrators will contribute a significant portion of their health insurance costs..  School Board Member Lisa Paschke says with the fiscal outlook right now, healthcare has been at the forefront of everybody’s minds lately..

“20% of our school budget goes to health care, so it was nice to see the Superintendent and administration’s Superintendent go to a percentage toward health care.” Paschke said at Wednesday’s board meeting. She continued by saying the school district has great teachers, a great community and it’s nice to see everybody working together.

According to Goldman, the administration’s memorandum of understanding allows for minimal pay raises while at the same time assigning a significant portion of their health insurance costs to their wages over the next three years.

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