Air National Guard Running Exercises over the Adirondacks Today

– Two F-15 fighters from the Massachusettes Air National Guard’s 104th Fighter Wing will conduct a practice scramble and intercept exercise over the Adirondacks today…

The jets, based at Barnes Air National Guard Base nearWestfield, will be flying over theAdirondack Mountainsbetween 10 a.m. and noon.

The F-15s will be conducting training with a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182 aircraft acting as the target.

This exercise, in partnership with the New York Air National Guard’s Eastern Air Defense Sector, is being conducted to facilitate training for alert pilots on intercept procedures, ensuring the Massachusetts Air National Guard is prepared to defend the Northeast airspace against any airborne threat.

These exercises are carefully planned, closely controlled and include exercises designed to intercept airspace restriction violations, deal with hijackings and respond to unknown aircraft in an unauthorized area…


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