EssexCounty’s committee on Public Safety hands over rights to the sale of their bookmobile to the Essex County Free Library system..  At a recent board meeting, Essex County Supervisors agreed to give the library the ability to make choices as to the disposition of their bookmobile..  Supervisor Robi Politi said “They can make whatever decisions they want.” And he continued by adding that “If the county doesn’t have a stake in this bus then he didn’t think they should have a stake in the decision.”

This decision by the Essex County Public Safety Committee will allow the library board to either sell the bus and use the money, or give it to the other two counties interested in making use of the vehicle..

Supervisor Connell said “with the financial difficulty that we are all in, if this vehicle could be somehow used to offset the cost to the library system,” and “If they have a $100,000 sitting there, they ought to be able to get something for it so that it can positively affect our budget instead of negatively affecting our budget”

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