A group of landowners, farming, business, industry and construction trade groups are launching an advertising campaign supporting safe and responsible shale gas development inNew York. The campaign includes a series of newspaper advertisements and 60-second radio spots featuring like-minded local business leaders, farmers and service providers.

Greg Lancette is head of Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 267 and one of the subjects in the ad campaign. He says “There is a strong labor force inNew Yorkthat wants to get to work,” and “Allowing shale gas development inNew Yorkwill open the door for new job opportunities and help our rural communities thrive again.”

Brad Gill is Executive Director of the Independent Oil and Gas Association ofNew York.. He says “Other states have safely developed their natural resources and lowered their unemployment rates while delivering clean energy. Now it’sNew York’s turn.”

The campaign underscores the diverse base of local support throughout the state for shale gas development and highlights potential benefits to the economy, job market and public services.

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