The Town of Harrietstown and the Village of Saranac Lake are finalizing arrangements to jointly maintain and upgrade equipment and controls using Flyte pumps for managing sewage effluent at their new lift stations.. The water project, is nearly complete, in fact the water tank on Mt Pisgah is currently being filled and should be ready for testing shortly. The lift stations, one of the final pieces of the puzzle for the village on the opposite side of the town and village provide a major solution to the problems many near the Niagara Mohawk lift station have had to deal with…

Ed Randig is the Code Enforcement Officer for the Town of Harrietstown.. He says there have always been some shared services, but now they will be able to provide each other with backup. He also tells WNBZ the new lift stations, built specifically for the location, will not only be able to adequately handle the current flows but also is able to handle expected growth..

Saranac Lake’s Village Manager John Sweeney says the new lift stations, some owned by the village, and others owned by the town will have similar parts so that if something does happen, they will be interchangeable and the two municipalities will be able share support, Maintenance and repairs.



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