Forest Hill Property becomes latest Beneficiary of Saranac Lake Rehabilitation Grant

The Village of Saranac Lake Boardof Trustees meets during their regular meeting upstairs in the Harrietstown Town Hall, it’s actually a little warm and the AC is running on full while they consider Pay Vouchers and approve minutes… One of the resolutions on the agenda for the evening is Bill 174.. It’s a Bill that would authorize the Community Development Director, Jeremy Evans to undertake the first rehabilitation project which falls under the Rental Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Grant program…  Trustee Elias Pellitieri is always seated to the left of the audience, directly across from him sits one of the newest trustees, Paul Van Cott and to Pellitieri’s left is Deputy Mayor Tom Catillaz, The village’s clerk is Kareen Tyler and she’s to the right of the Mayor who faces the audience and to his left are Village Manager John Sweeney and Trustee Barb Rice…

The Village of Saranac Lake received a $400,000 rental housing rehabilitation grant from New York State Homes and Community Renewal… and the resolution on the table is for the property at502 Forest Hill AvenueinSaranacLake, it’s owned by William Domenico and his construction company, Bear Foot Construction, will head up the project. The Rehabilitation Grant gives this property owner $29,998 towards the project, interest free through a deferred payment loan for five years…

Saranac Lake Village Trustee Tom Catillaz at a recent Board Meeting

Village Trustee Tom Catillaz.. says the track record for absentee landlords doesn’t work well..  “If the people are right here,” he says, “and their visibly responsible to the community, they tend to do a better job and when something is wrong they’re there to fix it.. but other times, you could have a fire in the house and the landlord might not hear about it for a couple of weeks.. and that just doesn’t work well.”

Anyone can apply for this grant, there are several requirements for this grant but essentially if a landlord is considering work on their property, this grant will provide incentive to start into a project and will give the owner matching funds to get the job done…   The property onForest Hill AvenueinSaranacLakeis to become the most recent beneficiary of the grant program.

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