Hotel Saranac Owner: “I don’t need the Community’s Support”

Do you think we’re printing money? No, Do you think we sell drugs? are we doing a whore business? No.

Sewa Arora speaks to the Harrietstown Town Board at Thursday’s Meeting

The owner of the Hotel Saranac, Sewa Arora, is seated on the left hand side of the front row at Thursday’s Harrietstown Town Board Meeting. When it was his turn to speak, he told a story of the past six years and his purchase of the Hotel Saranac for $1.2 Million of which the family put down 45%. He says the reason why his family bought the Hotel Saranac is not a mystery. They were approached in March of 2006 and studied the idea of purchasing the hotel for 8 months and he said it took extra time because the financial situation of the Hotel Saranac at the time needed to be dissected. Arora had trouble with the word “Employee” while trying to find the right word to describe what he thought was wrong with the hotel. AUDIO – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN – Sewa Arora Owner of Hotel Saranac It took some time for him to explain that the delay was mostly caused by the their investigation into each individual department and the staff working in each of those departments. “My family,” he says, “finally decided to buy the hotel and signed the contract in November of 2006.” He tells the Harrietstown Town Board that last year he told the Adirondack Daily Enterprise that he can survive in this village, in this town, without the support of the community for a very very long time, “and I’m still telling you,” he grunts, “I still stand by my word – I can survive, and I am surviving. * Listen to Arora’s comments – Click Here * I’m not Bill Gates, I’m not Rockefeller, we are ordinary people trying to do a legal hotel business.” Arora said, “Do you think we’re printing money? No, We don’t sell drugs, are we doing a whore business? No. We are making money and paying bills from the hotel profits.


Arora is referring to an interview with Chris Knight which was published in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise on August 11th, 2011. The story is called “Lost Icon?” This excerpt sums up the theme of Knight’s research into public opinion at the time;

“People aren’t just upset about losing a centerpiece of the downtown business district. There’s a deep-seated animosity now between Sewa Arora, who manages the hotel, and the community in general, and that’s putting it politely. “His attitude with the community has gone a long way toward making that place fail,”

During an interview with the Enterprise this week, Arora acknowledged that the bad blood between himself and the community has driven away business. But he firmly defended the business decisions he’s made since taking over the hotel, even though they’ve turned many local people against him. “I understand it’s an icon; I’d like to keep it an icon,” Arora said. “But there was no way for me to run the place the same way Paul Smith’s College was running it. If I did that, I’d be losing money.”

Click here to read the entire interview referenced by Arora at Thursday’s Harrietstown Town Board Meeting


More to come…  He’s actually complaining about losing to the local competition / He takes everything back / His family is going to beat him because (This Reporter) is sitting next to him with a microphone / and not once did he mention how open he is to letting  people park in the Hotel Saranac Parking Lot – perhaps that is why so many choose to go elsewhere for their events!

The Hotel Saranac towers over the community of Saranac Lake at night. The sign, once a landmark of the community has but one more light to burn out before it goes dark. Perhaps some of those profits should buy a few light bulbs.


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