Lake Placid School Board and Town of North Elba Closer to Skate Park Agreement

Don’t Fence Me In!

The Town ofNorth Elbaand the Lake Placid School Board may be one step closer to an arrangement which would allow theSkateboardParkto re-open…  Mary Detrich reported to the school board at last night’s meeting that there may be an opportunity for the school board to lease the property to the Town ofNorth Elba. She says she received a letter from Bill Kissel regarding a proposal from the Town ofNorth Elba.. An arrangement, she read from the letter, which could be similar to the relationship between ORDA and the School Board where the two entities share responsibilities for the Olympic Oval and each takes charge of the facility at different times of the year.

Find out about Liability -

The board agreed to move forward suggesting that there is an opportunity to reopen the park and asked Deitrich to inquire as to whether or not there could be a transfer of liability and insurance to the Town Board, and whether they could in fact lease the property to the Town Board at a rate sufficient to meet state regulations regarding the leasing of school property by their respective boards..  The difference between most community skateboard parks and the equipment inNorth Elbais that the property is owned by the school.  The question of cost for a minimum level of creating a lease agreement is one of the questions which also needs to be answered moving forward. The School board also asked Deitrich to inquire about the Town’s consideration of alternate locations for the equipment and costs which may be associated with this type of move.

It’s clear that there is interest by youth in the skateboard park because kids are finding ways to get over the fence, using pallets and other nearby pieces of wood to provide access over the fence. Superintendent Randy Richards says it’s an ongoing battle to keep kids out of the park, He takes the wood down, they put it back up…

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