LIBRARY WEEK – The Goff-Nelson Memorial Library


In Tupper Lake there is always an opportunity to talk about the economy, and stalled opportunities but today, a gem in the community with a view of the lake and periodically speaking, anything you need to keep up to date, or just relax by the regular monthly art exhibit…  At The Goff Nelson Library here inTupperLakewe’re spending some time with Paul Chartier who is the President of the Library Board, and board members Karen Greiner, and Cathy Cavallaro.


It’s Library Week on the K&J Show and that means we’re talking literacy, reading, computers, kids, and IPADS…  wait IPADS…  That’s the incentive gift which a group at theTupperLakeMiddle Schooland librarians at the Goff Nelson Memorial Library found in a grant to give kids the incentive to read over the summer…  Here’s an excerpt of audio from our conversation;


We have a great program in conjunction with the school

The teachers have noticed that the kids fall behind in reading during the summer months.  It is called “summer slide.”

So—they started a program with the library as a great community resource,  to encourage the kids to read, to keep up and build reading stamina and independence, and to encourage a love of reading.  Here’s how it works:  for every  4 books that they read, they fill out a slip with the title and author, signed by their parents . When they bring it into the library, they are given a raffle ticket, fill it out, and put it with the others in the  tall tube.  During the summer, the slips are picked up and sorted, and  some of the kids will get a phone call from one of the teachers, asking questions about the books that they read. When the school year starts in Sept., there will be a drawing…the prize is an iPad.   We want to stress that the school did not buy the iPad.  It was won through a grant submitted by the LPQuinn Reading Specialists.  

When the summer program is completed, the specialists will do a study to see how well it worked…comparing the kids that took part in the program against the ones who did not…and how the results compared.

It is a win/win project…we see many more children coming into the library, bringing along parents and siblings, and getting excited about reading. the same time, we are running our own program….the kids get raffle tickets for every book they read, and every week we have a drawing for some kind of a treat…ice cream, pizza, etc. 


Librarian Sue LaBarge jokes that they’ve named her senior staff librarian for the day in the absence of the Library’s Director Linda Auclair who after nine years will be retiring in the coming months..   The Administrative Offices are just to the left of reception and they mirror the rest of the building with wood trim, and lots of glass providing a full view of the main room of the library , The glass, perhaps, designed to highlight theAdirondackfeel of the construction. According to the Librarians, and the board, this library is always bustling with people and Paul has been kind enough to lead us on a tour of the facility..

Between the windows in the facility and the lights, the library becomes a very comfortable place to either use a computer, relax with a book, or a magazine, and in addition, Paul says the architecture fits the community…

The Adirondack Room is now fully enclosed by glass, it provides a private, comfortable opportunity for people to meet, plan, and enjoy some of the historic books which are on display. During this tour, the two sitting at the meeting table in the center of the space gave us a little time to get a feel for the newly designed hallmark of the library..

The entire group walks with us to the back of the building where we find a magazine rack with a living room style space to settle in and take in the news to your hearts content.. Further into the corner nook, more computers await patrons, of course free wifi and several additional couches.. the layout and most of the furniture hand picked by Library Director Linda Auclair, and the more we speak with the board, it’s clear she has been an integral part of the facility and will be missed..  The Back corner nook comes complete with it’s own collection of period art books and space to spread out and dig in… as we head back out to the main floor through the magazine and newspaper sitting area there is a beautiful view of the lake in the background, over the years it’s been hindered a bit by the growth of trees on neighboring properties but remains a part of the architecture in the library…  The parking lot below the deck provides access to the community room below us which isn’t normally accessible to the public from upstairs, but we get to take the short cut..

The board is already vetting replacement candidates and hopes to be able to hire their new director in the near future so that the new incoming director and the retiring director can spend a few weeks together in the transition but the Library will soldier on as one of the gems of the Tupper Lake Community and the Tupper Lake School System..

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