Local Station ROCK105 usually broadcasts on 105.5fm in Lake Placid and 102.1fm in Tupper Lake but following a lighting strike during a thunderstorm in the early hours of Friday Morning, the two transmitters remain dark. Although the transmitters are operational, a freak surge of power as a result of the lightning strike has taken out two components of the link between the studios and each transmitter. A unit that prepares the audio for transmission has lost a primary element and the backup unit is in Plattsburgh where a previous power surge had taken out a signal of sister station Y106.3, which remains on the air, with the help of that backup unit.  The WNBZ signal was down for about 20 minutes while the redundant systems were installed and is back on the air. We’re currently working on one of the two remaining issues relating to our news feed and will continue to update you on our progress. Interestingly, it’s always the most expensive pieces of equipment that fail, even with 4 separate defense mechanisms in place to protect it..

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