NEW VA Website offers Convenience to Local Veterans

– The Veterans Administration Announces a new free and easy web-based tool called  MyHealthēVet allowing veterans, active duty service members, and their dependents and caregivers access to their own personal health records.

The Program’s Coordinator Jeanne Couture says “We’re giving the tools to allow veterans to take control of their health.  They talk to their doctor online by sending a secure message to their primary care provider,”  and according to the VA messages including requests for prescription refills are encrypted and behind the VA firewalls.”

The website is designed so that Users can view their medications and how many refills they have remaining.  The goal is to help veterans avoid driving, being put on hold or waiting for the technician to take an order over the phone. In addition the website is set up to provide access to appointment scheduling, data downloads, progress reports and other medical services.

To gain access to users go through an authentication process.  They register once to create an account and a password.

The one secure web portal is interactive.  Users build a comprehensive personal health record that combines self-entered information (SEI) along with extracts from their electronic medical records.  Those who have been in the system since the VA Hospital went electronic in 1998 can view those records.

“They can look at their lab work,” Couture said.  “They can view their cholesterol level and their blood work.  They can also look at their pharmacy history.”

After logging onto their MyHealthēVet account, users click on Track Health toolbar to add information about over-the-counter medications, allergies and military health history.  They record and track personal information such as emergency contacts and health insurance.

The Vitals & Readings provides users with nine journals for reading and tracking their health issues.  Clicking on the ADD NEW button allows users to enter their health readings, track their blood pressure, blood sugar level, heart rate and weight into an SEI chart.

MyHealthēVet Wellness reminders tells users when their next appointment, exam and vaccines are scheduled.

More than 18 million pages of health information from the online library are available.  Users have access to nine healthy living centers, disease and conditions centers, mental health resources and learning centers.  The monthly feature articles spotlight topics of interest to veterans, families and caregivers.

If someone wanted to research a disease like diabetes they will be able to find encompassing information Couture said, including a list of complications such as eyes, feet and overall health.

Dedicated to the health and well-being of veterans, MyHealthēVet is a tool that helps patients’ foster informed decision making and build partnerships with their VA healthcare team.

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