The Team Placid Planet website says Thank you for attending the 4th Annual Saranac Lake Downtown Criterium on Sunday, June 10th in 2012..  The Biking event in Saranac Lake was the New York State Criterium Championships for the third year running!

AUDIO – 081412 – SPORTS – No More Criterium in Saranac Lake

The Event Marks a weekend of activity for bikers in the region and strikes a balance between the longer, uphil races at Whiteface, and the shorter sprint style events in Saranac Lake. These two events provide the backdrop for a weekend of racing in the region and gave the community of Saranac Lake the opportunity to highlight what most thought was the welcoming nature of the community. Instead, however, it appears the needs of the few have outweighed the desires of the many because the event, as of now, won’t be returning to Saranac Lake. In a letter to the Saranac Lake Village Board, Criterium Co-Race Directors Hal Schmidt and Jim Walker say they were approached shortly after the race to propose alternate courses for the race next year, but they felt there was no better design for the course, sighting regular review by the group and consideration year after year of alternative course layouts.

Their letter continues by saying, “It seems apparent to us that there is not consensus on the part of the Mayor and the Board that their event brings substantial enough benefit to the village and surrounding community to justify allowing it to continue on the present course, which all racers agree is superb. The group continue by saying while they believe there is proof of economic benefit, they must respect the views of the mayor and the board.

Team Placid Planet, a small group, say in their letter they do not feel able to spend another fall and winter making the case that they should be allowed back, especially if they have to change the course. They themselves say their club is just to small and relying on a few dedicated volunteers to plan and promote the race. Just putting the race on is a challenge for the club, though one they feel they have met very well, but they say dealing with a long process of justification for a second year in a row with no guarantees that they will be allowed back is just not something they can do.

The group says they’ve really enjoyed holding the race in the village of Saranac Lake for the past four years and regret that it won’t be continuing.

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