Piping Headed to Hoyt’s High

Good News for WhitefaceMountain, and for skiers as piping arrives at the base of Hoyt’s High..  If you look over towards lookout from the Facelift, Hoyt’s is the trail which heads down from the summit of LookoutMountainto the base of the new triple chair. The trail has not received enough snow over the years to be opened for any length of time but now crews have begun installing snowmaking piping along the trail.  The system should be in place and ready to go for Whiteface’s opening on Friday, November 23rd.

Bruce McCulley is General Manager at Whiteface, he says “This is a significant undertaking since the access is limited with lots of twists and turns and a relatively narrow width,” McCulley says “It’s exciting to think that this part of the Lookout Mountain expansion will be available for guests on a more consistent basis…”

According to officials at the mountain, The opening of this trail on a more consistant basis will most likely change the overall traffic flow on the entire mountain. Whiteface has also purchased a new Pistenbully 600W groomer and several more new low-energy snowmaking guns in anticipation of the 2012, 2013 ski season.

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