Planned Power Outage Thursday in Tupper Lake

A scheduled Power outage in Tupper Lake this Thursday…  beginning at 6am, the Village Electric Department will be working on upgrades to the substation..  The outage will affect 27 locations and streets in the regions serviced by the substation..

Tupper Lake Municipal Electric’s John Bouck says their substation takes the transmission services from National Grid, and in the substation there are three bays. “We’ve had some mechanical connectors which we’ve had in service for some time,” Bouck told WNBZ “We’re trying to advance those connectors to more advanced systems and to do that we need to take each bay out of service one bay at a time and last year we took on bay and Thursday we’ll do one and then hopefully in the fall we’ll be able to do one.”

The substation takes the voltage of 46 Killovolts from National Grid and step it down to the distribution levels of 13.2 killovolts and then distribute it to Village Customers at the levels they require.

Funds for this project are part of the Electric Department’s ongoing maintenance budget and are set aside each year for projects like this one. The Scheduled power outage is set for Thursday beginning at 6am and the project should take about 3hours with power being restored by 9am..

Areas Affected by Power Outage; 

Baker Avenue

Barry Avenue

BigTupper Road

Boyer Avenue

Brentwood Avenueand Parkway

Charlands Roadand all points South of Charlands Road

Deer Street

Front Street

Hill Street

Isabell AvenueArea

King Street

Lakeview Avenue

Lincoln Drive

Lindsay Avenue

Maddox Lane

Martin Street

Park Streetfrom hosley Avenue toHill Street

Queen Street

Raquette River Drive

Rounds Avenue Area

Route 30 South fromStetson Road

Simond Pond Area


Victor Avenue

Wawbeek AvenuefromBroad StreettoStetson Road

Woods Avenue

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