Owens Leads Matt Doheny in NY-21 Poll

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today released a new Anzalone Liszt Research poll that shows Bill Owens with a twelve point lead over Republican repeat challenger Millionaire Matt Doheny. Owens is earning 50 percent of the vote in a three-way race. 

 In the initial three-way head-to-head for New York’s 21st Congressional district, Owens leads Doheny 50 percent to 38 percent with Green Party candidate Donald Hassig taking 4 percent. Even if Doheny were to pick up all 8 percent of undecided voters, he would still trail Owens by 4 points.  Owens remains extremely popular with a better than 2-1 favorability ratio, and is better known across the district. Conducted July 29-31, the poll surveyed 400 likely voters and has a 4.9 percent margin of error.

 Josh Schwerin is Northeast Press Secretary at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. He says “It’s clear that Bill Owens has cemented his reputation as an independent leader for middle class families in Upstate New York,” 


 Specifics of Memo from Anzalone Liszt Research  Re: Polling Results among Likely Voters in New York’s 21st Congressional District

Roughly three months before Election Day, Congressman Bill Owens is well positioned to win re-election in New York’s newly-configured 21st Congressional District. Owens currently leads Republican challenger Matt Doheny by twelve points and is earning 50% of the vote in a three-way race.

Bill Owens leads Matt Doheny by double digits and is already taking 50% of the vote in a 3-way race.

Owens is currently earning 50% of the vote against Matt Doheny, and holds a 12-point margin in a 3-way race (50% Owens / 38% Doheny / 4% Hassig).  

Even if Doheny were to win all undecided voters (8%), he would still trail Owens by four points.

Owens is better-known, more popular, and has less negative baggage than Doheny.

Owens’ name-ID (81%) is 10 points higher than Doheny’s (71%).

Owens’ favorable-to-unfavorable popularity ratio is over 2:1 (41% Fav / 17% Unfav / 24% Neutral), while Doheny’s ratio is under 2:1 (27% Fav / 19% Unfav / 25% Neutral). Doheny’s unfavorable rating is higher than Owens’, even though Doheny’s name-ID is 10 points lower than the incumbent’s name-ID.

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