Take a Downtown Tour of Saranac Lake

SARANAC LAKE, NY—August 24— The Village of Saranac Lake Community Development Office today announced it will produce two more business promotion videos in the coming months following the successful release of its “Downtown Tour” video three weeks ago and a 60 second video this week.
Community Development Officer Director, Jeremy Evans, said, “We will do one video for all the restaurants in the Village and follow that up with the businesses that were not included in the first video.” Evans is also leaving the option open to produce either a 30 second or 60 second video for each business. The Village will heavily on creative new media forms like Youtube and Facebook to distribute the videos in order to promote the Village and its businesses but will also look for opportunities to have them air on television.
All interested village businesses interested in participating should contact the Community Development Office at 891-4150 ext. 235 or comdev@saranaclakeny.gov. Evans is open to suggestions and answer questions about the process and he said he may hold a meeting with all interested businesses to coordinate production.
The two videos already released were produced with volunteers and and edited using some economic development funds. It took a year and a half to make. Said Evans, “We hope to speed up production time this go-around, but we are still relying on volunteers and the availability of funds for editing.”
Both videos are posted on Youtube and are easily accessed from the homepage of the Village’s website at www.saranaclakeny.gov.

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