Voter Registration Deadline Looms

Voter Registration Deadline nears for State & Local Primary Election

– The State Board of Elections today reminds all state residents to register to vote for the September 13, 2012 primary elections. Mail-in voter registration forms must be postmarked by midnight, August 17th and received no later than August 24th to be valid for the upcoming primary election. Also, please note that the primary election has been moved by act of the Legislature to Thursday, September 13, and is NOT Tuesday September 11.

Residents who have moved to a new county are reminded that they must re-register from their new address. Those who are currently registered and have moved to a new address in the same county should notify their county board of elections in writing of their move. The New York State Voter Registration Form can be used by new voters or by voters who have moved for these purposes.

Persons who are unsure whether they are registered, or wish to verify their current address, may look-up their status at:

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