Safe Routes to Schools

Safe Routes to school LogoA Safe Route to Schools is on the list of priorities for the North Country Economic Regional Development Council and a broad group inFranklinCountyhas put together an application for the current round of funding…  The idea behind this initiative – is to help the community get together with the school districts, the Village Boards, and town boards to create a safer walking environment for everyone – and to encourage students to actually walk to school since there’s been an increase in the number of kids getting dropped off or picked up by parents and accordingly a decrease in the number of students walking or biking to school..

There are five “E” s including Evaluation, which is being done with the trails master plan in it’s final master plan and the village’s portion of the project – the sidewalk capital improvement plan… Engineering – including identifying projects specific to safe route to schools and identifying neighborhoods and gaps in the network.. Education.. and Enforcement -  Two new applications are being submitted as a combined application with Saranac Lake and Malone…

Village Manager John Sweeney has identified reconstruction of Olive Street from Broadway to Williams..  in anticipation of the reconstruction of the bridge over Route 3..

One final phase of the application includes plans to create a complete route to the school from the Algonquin Avenue Community…

Sue Patterson is on the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board – and one of the E’s in the Safe Route’s program is Education.. The group, headed by Patterson will be asking for $50,000 to be split between Malone and Saranac Lake– The group is competing for the funding available in a five county region and there is a limited amount of money available but they are hopeful that their application will be approved… One advantage of their application…Franklin County has approved the concept of advancing funds for projects as a source of regular cash flow should the application be approved, until the funding does in fact become available for the Education portion of the application..

The funds currently available were allocated to New York State under SAFETEA-LU extensions and are not affected by the passage of the new transportation act, MAP-21.

Walk to School Day Registration 

The National Center for Safe Routes to School has announced that registration is now open for Walk to School Day events The preceding external link opens a new browser window.  Register your October 3, 2012 event on their website! NYSDOT will provide reflective shoelace tags and zipper pulls to NY Schools (on a first come, first served basis) who register Walk to School Day 2012 events online.

Save the Date for Walk-Bike NY 2012!

Walk-Bike New York…Encouraging Sustainable Movement is a livable communities symposium scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, 2012, in Glens Falls, N.Y. Topics this year will include Complete Streets, Education and Law Enforcement Safety Initiatives, Local Project Highlights, Multi-Use Trails, and Safe Routes for Seniors and Youth.



Safe Routes to School image, @Andersen Ross/Blend Images/CorbisSafe Routes to School (SRTS) is a federal, state and local effort to enable and encourage children, including those with disabilities, to walk and bicycle to school and to make walking and bicycling to school safe and appealing.

In New York, as in other parts of this country, travel to school by walking and bicycling has declined dramatically over the past several decades. The adverse impacts of this trend on air quality, traffic congestion and childhood health are alarming.

The goal of New York’s Safe Routes to School Program is to assist New York communities in developing and implementing projects and programs that encourage walking and bicycling to school while enhancing the safety of these trips.

These programs can bring a wide range of benefits to students and the community. These include an easy way for children to get the regular physical activity they need for good health and even to ease traffic jams and reduce pollution around schools.

A major goal of the program is to increase bicycle, pedestrian and traffic safety. Successful Safe Routes to School programs in the United States usually includes one or more of these approaches engineering, enforcement, education, encouragement.

Local and regional government, schools and community non-profit organizations ready, willing and able to implement SRTS initiatives are eligible to apply for funding.

Applications are available for projects and programs to improve the health and safety of New York children who bike or walk to school. The program is open to all New York municipalities and school districts. Applications need to be received by Friday, October 5, 2012.

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