This workshop is free and is being sponsored by Adirondack Architectural Heritage and the Preservation League of New York. Speakers will cover a range of topics including: the National Register of Historic Places, code requirements in historic buildings, and how to use tax credits in a restoration project. Many North Country communities are struggling, as we all know, but there are tools and resources available that help make the battle a little easier; this workshop expands on those and teaches participants how to utilize them.

Enhancing Main Street: Making Upper Floors Work Again

Ausable Valley Grange, Keeseville (Clinton/Essex Counties)

Monday, September 10, 2012


The Issue: Upper Floor Vacancy

Many downtowns throughout New York are characterized by two-to five-story buildings constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries. These commercial rows have endured changing uses and economies and with timely care, they can last for centuries. Many boast special details – from cast iron storefronts to brick cornices – and some buildings are designated as landmarks. While street level business may catch our attention first, the upper floors are also integral to the buildings. However, vacant upper stories present opportunities and challenges for reuse.

Response: Workshop and Strategic Grants
Recognizing the need for information on how downtowns can become more vibrant, the Preservation League of New York State developed a program consisting of a workshop and grant award made available to communities facing the issue of upper floor vacancy. The workshop, “Enhancing Main Street: Making Upper Floors Work Again,” brings together experts in community revitalization. The workshop sessions address design, building code and financial strategies employed in New York State communities for bringing upper floors back to productive use. In addition to the workshops, in some cases the Preservation League has provided a grant for demonstration project related to the topic.

Thanks to financial support provided by the Preservation League of New York State, there is no registration fee. Please contact AARCH with questions or to register.

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