“All Farm Products” Index Up 2 points in August

Prices received by New York producers for milk sold during August were up from a month

earlier, That’s according to King Whetstone, Director of USDA’s New York Field Office. The price of corn and hay as expected showed an increased during the month of August.

Many previous month prices were revised due to more complete sales information. Dairy farmers in theEmpireStatereceived an average of $18.30 per hundredweight of milk sold

during August, up 90 cents from July but $5.20 less than August 2011.

Grain corn, at $7.76 per bushel, was up 52 cents from July and 62 cents above August 2011

prices. Hay averaged $131 per ton, up $2 from last month and up $7 from August 2011. Oats, at 3.30 per bushel, were down 7 cents from July.

The preliminary All Farm Products Index increased 2 points. The Crop Index is up 3 points and the Livestock Index increased 3 points or about 2 percent

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