Harrietstown Supevisor Candidates Clarify their positions on Business Park

The Town of Harrietstown is going to have a new Supervisor come Election Day…   and in a regular feature here on WNBZ, we’re taking a regular look at the positions of the two candidates..  We’re going to look more closely at the Town’s Business Park, On Friday, we heard from Town Councilman Bob Bevelacqua…. Today, we’ll hear the other Candidate lay out his side of the story… Tom Catillaz is a trustee in the Village of Saranac Lake.

Recently, Catillaz announced that he will ask the Town of Harrietstown board to establish a link on its website for its 20 year-old, 100-acre, two-tenant Business Park so it might attract more tenants—which will add to the town’s tax roll—and to create a separate stand-alone website for the Lake Clear industrial park.

 Catillaz says “It’s been more than twenty years since the town’s business park was established and the internet became a part of everyday life,” and he says “after those two decades, it’s way past time to start marketing the park on the internet and to at least establish a link to a Business Park website from the town’s website.”

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Catillaz also says he wants theBusinessParkfeatured on Facebook, with its own page, so that Harrietstown citizens and beyond can ..  The Facebook Page he says allows us to “easily dialogue with our citizens and come up with hundreds of fantastic ideas with their great resources.”

Catillaz toured the park recently while producing a promotional video for the park. The view of the Park, he says has a vast expanse of trees in the background with one building at the end of the road.  Catillaz position on theBusinessParkis to either jump start the park with a modest investment or find another use altogether so the vacant land finally generates taxes and reduces the tax bills for Town ofHarrietstowntaxpayers.

Website Ad Proposed by Catillaz

Catillaz tells WNBZ he will also be calling on the Harrietstown Board to comply with the 2% tax cap in its preliminary 2013 budget — due out in the coming days .

Catillaz says “After a 9.8% tax hike in 2012, 6% in 2011 and 13.1% in 2010, it’s time to be fiscally responsible and come out with a budget that complies with the state-mandated 2% tax cap.”   The Candidate also says that the 2012 budget used $238,500 out of reserves and fund balance to keep down the tax increase. His position is that this type of “One Shot Transfer” is dangerous and could affect the town’s credit rating by deferring tough decisions.

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