Integrating Library Technology into Lake Placid’s Schools

There are more wires on the floor to the back of the administrative board room at the Lake Placid Middle / High School – In fact one of those roll around carts is sitting in the middle of the aisle during Tuesday’s Lake Placid School Board Meeting… The roll around cart  is designed to help presenters communicate with the SONY Bravia flat screen TV which is hanging on the wall in the administrative board room. The cart is on wheels and appears to be designed to move from room to room as necessary..  It reminds us that computers are a key part of classrooms and that technology is becoming more prevalent in the district. School Librarians Sara Kelly Johns and Anne Paulson are using the cart and the Flat Screen TV to give a presentation to the board on the integration of technology into the school’s curriculum and talking about a new media center forLake PlacidStudents…

AUDIO – 090512 – Lake Placid School Board Hears about new Media Center – In Depth

A new opportunity inNew YorkStateand the integration of technology is giving school librarians the ability to work with teachers to coordinate curriculum between the library and the classroom…

Javier Perez is Lake Placid’s new Elementary School Principle – He says it will be a very positive thing for the school district as teachers see the value and the different uses of the media systems..

Sara Kelly Johns isLake Placid’s Middle High School Librarian

We’re speaking with the librarians in another meting room at the other end of the administrative building… This room is again representative of how technology has taken hold in school systems acrossnew yorkstate… There’s a White Board that spans what feels like the entire height of one wall and the meeting tables are modern and set the tone for this facility..Lake Placid’s Elementary Librarian is Anne Paulson –

Lake Placid’s School Libraries come complete with a fully searchable digital catalog system which anyone can access, and a suite of databases which are only accessible to students in the district…  New YorkState, however, has a website with a whole core of databases for anyone interested –

Sara Kelly Johns has been a Librarian in theLake PlacidSchool Districtsince 2002 and Anne Paulson since 1999..  Anne says they’re ready for whatever becomes available..

The board is seated with Mary Deitrich at the head of the table, she’s directly facing the audience in attendance and the light blue wall behind us with the flat screen her left Phil Baumbach, and Herb Stoer are seated on the curve with Dr Randy Richards who typically sits to the right of the audience… Karen Angelopoulos is the District Clerk and she’s seated next to the Superintendent..  To Mary’s right and to the left of the audience, Janet Smith, the School Board’s Vice President. Martha Stahl sits on the curve to her right. Patti Gallagher is seated on the curve of the board’s table..  John Hopkinson sits next to her and closest to the audience on our left is Leonard Sauers who is the School’s Business Manager and the Treasurer of the district.

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