K&J Show – Active Motif Coming to Saranac Lake

The end of Labor Day marks the approach of another Biotech Company’s arrival in SaranacLake.. On November 1st, 2012, Active Motif will begin operations in their newly designed facility complete with it’s own hydroelectric turbine pump and a biotech neighbor, Myriad RBM, across the river in the old Village Offices. Active Motif is moving into a facility  which used to be one of the pumping stations for the water systems inSaranacLake which is one of the benefits of the dam which createdLakeFlower in the first place.. With the $13 Million evolution of the village’s water and sewer systems to a new modern facility next to the waste treatment plant, the Pumping Station next to Little Italy will become obsolete, but the facility itself is already transforming into something new.

AUDIO – 091012 – K&J SHOW – Scott Paschke on Active Motif

Before we get too far along, though, let’s first take a look back at a building now empty on a campus just behind Price Chopper inLake Placid. The campus itself remains a monument to the 120 employees who worked for Upstate Biotechnology until March of 2006… On of those employees was Scott Paschke –

Following the closure of Upstate Biotech, Scott joined with a few partners to develop Lake Placid Biologicals which became partners with Active Motif, and is now owned by Active Motif..  He’s the Director of Business Development. .

So Active Motif is a company that develops innovative cell biology based research tools and biocomputing resources that help researchers elucidate the function, regulation and interactions of the genes and their encoded proteins. Elucidate is a complicated word for Clarify or Explain, enlighten, reveal and companies like Active Motif are continuing to develop products to service researchers in their efforts to find answers which is what researchers do, isn’t it? Ok yes, but there are a few additional motivators.. Contract Research for one.. and licensing for another..  And all around the world, those colleges and universities are buying products for epigenetics, chromatin biology and transcriptional regulation.. Ok so… Wait What?

The Study of heritable changes in gene expression or cellular phenotype caused by mechanisms OTHER than changes in the underlying DNA sequence..  It turns out  that there’s a second genome – and epigenome literally means in addition to, or above3 the genome… and there are like twenty five thousand genes but they don’t know what to do or how to work unless something tells it how to express itself,  becoming a heart cell for example, or a liver cell for example…. Here’s how this works –  Take Mom and Dad for example… do they really have an affect on your genome? Scott says there’s a PBS special that explores that exact question…

The Home office is inCarlsbadCalifornia. There are two sales offices abroad, one close toBrusselsinBelgiumand one inTokyoJapan.

The there’s a marketing department in Carlsbadand the sales staff distributed throughout the world – and come November 1st…. inSaranacLake

And since their move from Upstate Biotech to their current facility and ultimately into their new wares inSaranacLakeeach time it appears they’ll have more windows.. Which Scott says will be a good thing…

and perhaps as the study of Epigenetics continues, researchers will discover that working inSaranacLakewith more windows turns on the genes that brings everyone outdoors in shorts on a beautiful sunny midwinter 30 degree day in January…

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