New York’s Big Business is in Small Family Farms

A New Report Says New York State continues to be a leading agricultural state with 36,300 farms producing $4.7 billion in products annually. The Report – released by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli putsNew Yorkamong the largest producers in the nation for some goods, including ranking second in wine production.

DiNapoli says “Farming inNew Yorkis mainly a small, family business, but its economic impact is widespread,” and he continues by saying “Farming supports thousands of New Yorkers in a variety of industries and services, such as food processing, trucking and tourism. Farms also protect open space and improve public health by meeting the rising demand for nutritious, locally grown food. We need to do all we can to make sureNew Yorkfarmers can successfully continue their way of life.”

The report was announced at the New York State Fair, a showcase forNew York’s agricultural community since 1841.

Most of the state’s regions contribute significantly toNew York’s agricultural production, with theFinger Lakesregion leading the way with 30 percent of statewide agricultural sales. The North Country, according to the report, accounts for 14 percent of the statewide production, whileCentral New Yorkproduces 12 percent.

 Milk remainsNew York’s largest farm product, accounting for almost half of the state’s agricultural sales in 2010.New Yorkwas the nation’s fourth-largest milk producer and ranked first in the production of cottage cheese and sour cream. Further,New Yorkis well on its way to being a national leader in the production of Greek-style yogurt.

New Yorkwas the second-largest producer of wine in the nation behindCalifornia, producing 36 million gallons of wine in 2010. The volume of wine grape production, which accounted for about 35 percent of the state’s grape production, rose by 17 percent in 2010.New Yorkhad 374 wineries in 2012, more than triple the number in 2000, according to the New York Wine and Grape Foundation.

The Report also says the state ranks second in Apple production.New Yorkwas also the second largest producer of maple syrup and cabbage in theUSin 2010.

Yogurt production reached 553.67 million pounds in 2011, more than double the amount produced in 2008;

The averageNew Yorkfarm is smaller than 200 acres, less than half the national average.

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