New Yorks Wind Power Blowing Offshore

Can NY find Economic Powerhouse in Offshore Wind?

NEW YORK - A new report says it’s there for the taking, right off the coastline of New York, and has the potential to create hundreds of thousands of jobs – and it’s referring to wind power. Ross Gould, air and energy program director for Environmental Advocates of New York, says the report predicts New York could generate jobs and get a $200 billion economic shot in the arm.

The source of all these benefits is harnessing the wind power that is available from the Great Lakes and New York’s Atlantic Coast, explains Gould.

“Currently, we have zero offshore wind turbines. We have potential for enough to power every home in New York State.”

Technically speaking, says Gould, that amounts to 147 gigawatts of available power that could be generated from offshore winds. He says the best way to jump-start this potential is for local power authorities to issue Requests For Proposals (RFPs) from local wind developers.

The National Wildlife Foundation (NWF) spearheaded the study. Catherine Bowes, NWF senior manager, says there are projects in the pipeline that could provide clean and renewable energy to as many as 14 million homes in New York.

“There is a project that has been proposed by the NY Power Authority, the Long Island Power Authority and ConEd just south of Rockaway Peninsula. At the same time, off the coast of Montauk, there is a large project moving through the permitting process.”

But Gould warns that a combination of factors are holding the state back from reaching its potential.

“Standing in the way are out-of-state oil and gas interests that are playing on the fear of change. You know, offshore wind has already been up and running in Europe for over 20 years, but somehow or other, New York and the rest of the country has nothing.”

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