Senator Schumer inspects Adirondack Regional Airport

Senator Schumer inspects theAdirondackRegionalAirporton his visit to the region last week..  The Senator was inSaranacLaketouring the newWoundCareCenterat theAdirondackMedicalCenterpushing legislation to extend a Medicare payment program critical to rural hospitals.

During his visit, Schumer’s plane lands at the Airport in Lake Clear and he spent time with project inspector, Peter Rase of Passero Associates and Airport Manager Corey Hurwich to discuss the progress of the apron project which Senator Schumer helped to finance, securing much of the funding for the  rehabilitation.

The apron project is a $660,000 project funded primarily through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Improvement Program (AIP).  The FAA is funding 95% of the project ($627,000).  The State picks up 2.5% and the remaining 2.5% is paid locally.  The Airport Improvement Program is funded primarily through aviation fuel taxes. InLakeClear, The need for the project comes from poor drainage and increased weight of aircraft using the apron.  Each spring, water becomes trapped between frozen surfaces below and thawed asphalt on top.  This has created the problem pressure pockets that can explode when driven over.  The rehabilitation project aims to correct this problem and increase the weight handling capability of the apron.  The apron rehabilitation will include adding subsurface drainage, surface drainage, a full depth reconstruction of the asphalt, as well as some other minor airfield improvements (painting/signs).  It is expected to be completed within 90 days.

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