St Joseph’s looking to add Veteran’s Community Residence on their property

The Village of Saranac Lake’s Planning Board and the Zoning Review Board has it’s eye on a new Veteran’s facility proposed by Robert Ross, CEO of St Joseph’s Addiction Treatment and RecoveryCenter..  Actually, there’s no way they couldn’t because St Joe’s neighbors continue to complain about the lack of communication between themselves and St Joes…  Interestingly, the latest public offering of paperwork is more than 25 pages of correspondence – and in both directions but the group consisting of the sengenbergers who are trying to sell their home, Esther and Lionel Arlan, Peter and Siobhan Crary and William and Deb Martin complain in their most recent letter to Ross complaining about the lack of timely and open communication..  That letter is dated September 4th – the reason I mention the date is because Mr Ross provided an update on August 28th..  Let’s see, that’s 8 days if you include the 28th..

While there may be an understandable and combined effort by local residents to suppress St Josephs ability to move forward, most planning and zoning boards have seen fit to approve the proposals to date and according to St Josephs the bids for construction of the Veteran’s Community Residence and the renovation of the main St Joseph’s facility as a join project are being received by the administration. St Joes is working with local residents to build a “buffer Zone” through a tree planting program. Ross says he met with the APA to determine jurisdiction..

Ross says in a correspondence that he believes the the arrangement with St Joes being in the heart of a residential community has been beneficial to both neighbors and St Joes for more than 40- years. St Josephs employs 139 staff and the addition of the Veteran’s Community residence will add 15 to 17 additional jobs to the community..

In a recent comprehensive plan – Ross shared a draft master plan for St Joes which includes a number of projects, such as the development of a trail system behind the main facility connecting with the Dewey Mountain Trail System, and a proposed Multi Purpose building for use as a small gym next to the main building both of which would be available to the community..  St Joes is also working on a labyrinth and mediation park location at the entrance of St Joes to act as a welcoming  to those coming to the facility…

Ross continues by saying he firmly believes St Josephs can be a vibrant and leading health care facility meeting the needs of it’s residents and staff without interfering with neighbors and their community…

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