Tupper Lake Fire Station Forum #3 Tonight

Several homes inTupperLakeare going to receive a new status symbol in the coming weeks… Perhaps not the kind of symbol you might want to associate with your status, either… It’s the kind of symbol which tells firefighters to “Stay Out”

TupperLake’s Fire Chief Mark Picerno says he’s marking homes to show that a house is a hazard to firefighters.. The signs are two feet by two feet red squares with a white two inch fluorescent boarder – and depending on the property, a warning from one slash which represents a moderate risk – to the really bad hazards which will be marked with an X…  There’s one behind the fire station… BostonGardenanother example… and at least four other condemned buildings which will have these signs..

TupperLake’s Fire Department is holding another Forum to discuss Fire Station Repair and Replacement…  This is Forum number 3 and Fire Chief says this is something the committee has been working hard on considering collocation of emergency services and a then of course a location that will work for everyone..

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