Village Trustee asking Town Board to put Farmers Market in Town Hall

Saranac Lake Village Trustee Tom Catillaz is one of two candidates running for the recently vacated Town ofHarrietstown Supervisor’s position. He’s announced he will be asking the Town ofHarrietstown Boardto allow the Saturday Farmers Market into the Town Hall during the winter months.  Catillaz says “The Farmers’ Market is a big attraction and traffic generator for the town and if we can give its farmers a warmer, centrally-located place in the winter to set up their shops we can keep their momentum going year-round.” The discussion with Farmers’ Market officials began during Saturday’s Farm-2-Fork Festival held in conjunction with the Farmer’s Market atRiversidePark. Catillaz plans to deliver a letter to the Town on that topic today…  And Tomorrow we’ve invited the Deputy Mayor to speak with us on the K&J show.. Join us for that conversation Wednesday during The Morning News at 8:10am.

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