A New Resource for French / Spanish Teachers

Grants for Foreign Language Teachers

French and Spanish teachers in the Adirondacks have a new resource to call upon.  The Cadahemark Foundation, which has been supporting foreign language instruction in the Adirondacks for more than a decade, has established the Adirondack Foreign Language Enhancement Fund at the Adirondack Community Trust (ACT), the region’s community foundation.

 Teachers with innovative ideas for projects that generate excitement about learning are encouraged to apply for grants. The purposes of the fund are to inspire French and Spanish teachers and to elevate the status of language instruction professionals. The fund will make a limited number of competitive grants available for initiatives that enrich and increase capacity for foreign language instruction but are not part of a school’s budget.  Grants will typically range from $500 to $1,500.

All Adirondack foreign language teachers are eligible to apply for grants. Priority will be given projects that go beyond a school’s budget to:

  • Support immersion in French and Spanish language and culture,
  • Open opportunities to explore new teaching technologies,
  • Promote collaborative initiatives among schools,
  • Support career enhancement training for teachers.

Application deadline is December 15.  Application information is available at the ACT website:  www.generousact.org/grants-scholarships/apply-grant/grantmaking-funds or email andrea@generousact.org.

The Adirondack Foreign Language Enhancement Fund at ACT is open and welcomes additional tax-deductible gifts anytime.  The larger the fund becomes, the more students will benefit.  Donations may be made at www.generousact.org or by contacting andrea@generousact.org.

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