A Question of Snow Fencing in Tupper Lake

The Village of Tupper Lake Board Meeting is chaired on Monday Evening by Leon LeBlanc.. Tupper Lake’s Mayor Paul Maroun was called to the passing of Rose Rosky who passed away at the age of 86 at her home on Sunday. Paul had been Rose’s Caretaker for many years and while he was able to attend the initial executive session of the board, he was pulled away for the regular public portion of the meeting and we send along our condolences to the Mayor and his family for their loss… Calling hours for Rose will be held tomorrow from 5pm until 7pm with an 11am Mass of Christian Burial held at St Alphonsus Church on Thursday..

Trustees Leon LeBlanc and Rick Donah at the Beginning of the Tupper Lake Village Board Meeting on Monday

Needless to say LeBlanc was handed the duties of Chairing the meeting which began in it’s normal fashion with the Pledge of Allegiance and a moment of silence for Collin Gillis, the young man who wandered away from a social gathering on March 10th. He was last seen walking on Route 3 heading towards Piercefield and remains missing. No one from the Audience spoke in the public comment session, but The Village Code Enforcement Officer Peter Edwards presented an initial proposal to modify the Village’s temporary fencing laws in the Village of Tupper Lake.

You may recognize this issue from a few months ago when the Village of Saranac Lake enacted a new fencing law.. In Saranac Lake the new law was to protect the overall aesthetics of the Village and to clarify for homeowners what the rules were regarding fencing between homes. In the past in Saranac Lake, you needed a neighbors approval and a variance in order to erect a fence on your property..  That’s now been fixed…   and in Tupper Lake a similar law was put on the books to specifically address fencing requirements.. In that particular modification of the law they left out concrete blocks and barriers as opposed to fences..  Part of the problem in Tupper Lake, however, is the question of temporary fencing and Edwards asks the board for input..  In the Summer there are several events including the Tin Man which make use of temporary fencing and Edwards says there really aren’t any problems there.. Interestingly, part of the reason for initiating the original fencing law was in response to Orange fences and larger barricades in front yards…  Pete Says currently there is no law regulating temporary Fencing so residents can do whatever they like..

The Village Board asked the Code Enforcement Officer to bring a proposal  for their consideration at their next meeting…

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