K&J – Baby Steps for The Lake Flower Beach Committee

The Lake Flower Beach Committee

June 2012 will no doubt mark the beginning of the newest effort to bring the beach back toLakeFlower.. It started with a facebook site called “Lake Flower Beach Return” and in less than 19 hours, brought in over 3,000 members…  Shawn Boyer..  He’s leading a group of residents who are currently looking into putting the beach back in Lake Flower…

K&J – 101112 – Lake Flower Beach Committee Meeting

BEACH 2 – Shawn Boyer (He recalls the beach being very nice with swiming lessons and cold water. He says he became interested because he’s on a few committees and would like to see this become a reality)

In the Old Days, the beach was calledPrescottParkBeach, most likely named after Mary Prescott who ran the reception hospital at the top of Helen Hill, what is now the end ofFranklin AvenueinSaranacLake….   Phil Griffin runs the website Bunk’s Place and a facebook page calledAdirondackBunk..  He says he’d like to see anything that will bringSaranacLakeback on it’s feet again  and the beach would be a good start..

Sean Stinson is sitting at the table just to the left of Village Trustee Paul VanCott – He says having lived in the community most of his life, he’s always been interested in having a beach come back… He lives on Payville Road near PontiacBay..

BEACH 3 – Sean Stinson (He says he doesn’t have any children but he loves this region and takes care of a young person and wants to see them have the ability to enjoy recreational activities in the region)

The Group is meeting in the Cantwell Room at the Saranac Lake Free Library on Wednesday evening…  and as with any group, there are a core group of people ready and willing to focus on what Shawn calls “Baby Steps” toward putting the Village beach back on Lake Flower..

The two ladies, Pam Brogan and Marsh Morgan are sitting just to the left of Vince Wilcox at the end of 4 conference style tables which have been pushed together, to create a more intimate conversation among the group. The Members of the Lake Flower Beach Committee are hearing from VanCott  who they’ve asked to speak about the agencies which could be involved in the planning and permitting process…  He Says in his discussions with the DEC and the Department of Health and he’s deferred communication with the APA to Village Manager John Sweeney, he hasn’t found any dealbreaker hurdles… He also says he believes the Village Board is interested in participating in the discussion and that he and Trustee Elias Pellitiere would be interested in working with the group to find ways for the village to be supportive of their efforts..

Paul says there are several opportunities for research and they’ve asked two consultants to present proposals for working through the details with each agency…   And he begins to offer advice as to the direction the committee may want to consider taking..

One thing the committee agrees on is that Any study along with the subsequent research and work during the permitting process will require money and while there are opportunities to save in the process, it’s also important to assure that everyone is safe, and can eventually take advantage of a free recreational activity in the Village…  The initial consulting will cost approximately $5,000 and while the group believes they need to move forward with this work, they will first need to develop a plan for fundraising… Some of the expenses discussed will include the consulting, sand, the Bathroom Facilities, and Parking…  Many of the ongoing expenses are currently paid for by the Village atLakeColbyBeachbut the board concedes in order to have a beach at Lake Flower, the Lake Colby Beach may need to close…


Finally though, one step at a time..  and the groups leader Shawn Boyer says – they’re going to take Baby Steps on the way to a final goal..



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