Catillaz to Decide on “Going Ahead” with Campaign or Stopping Completely

An Announcement is forthcoming as to the status of Saranac Lake Village Trustee Tom Catillaz and his candidacy for Supervisor in the Town of Harrietstown..  An October 9th email announced the suspension of the Candidate’s campaign, sighting a serious family medical situation out of state and cancelled the Debate which had originally been scheduled for October 16th.. and now ten days later, Mr Catillaz tells WNBZ a final decision is on the way..

“I’m Optimistic about a lot of things, and I have not lost my enthusiasm for the job,” Catillaz said at a recent event honoring Joe Pickreign, “I am still hungry for it, and in the very near future I’m going to make a decision as to whether to move forward or to extend the suspension and I’ll let you know as soon as I do.”

Many of those supporting Catillaz have been routing for him to re-join the campaign for Harrietstown Supervisor, and while Tom is dealing with the emotional medical roller coaster, they continued to push for his election in the town..  Tom Says we should have a definitive answer relating to his candidacy shortly..

Catillaz clarified how the decision would be made by saying he would not continue the suspension, he would choose not to accept the nomination. “It’s going to be go ahead, or stop dead,” Catillaz said, “and [the decision] is going to come very soon.”

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