Community Store Celebrates First Anniversary

The Community Store celebrates it’s one year anniversary over the weekend… A simple ceremony on Friday afternoon honored Board Member Gail Brill with a special cake and a gathering in celebration of their first year in business..  The store’s general manager Craig Waters says the store enjoyed some early publicity when it first opened..

Waters says the store has been adapting to changes in the needs of the community and continues to respond to the needs of consumers..

Peter Wilson owns Major Plowshares inSaranacLakeand is a member of the Community Store’s board – we asked him to give us his take on the economy and how it’s affecting small businesses in our region..

Brill has retired from the Community Store Board, she was presented with a special card saying thank you for her leadership, and her wonderful commitment to the community.  The store celebrated with extended hours over the weekend but is regularly open Monday thru Saturday 9 to 6 and Sunday 9 to 2…

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