Crossing the 48th Paralell

North Country Community College will sponsor a free wellness lecture on the Saranac Lake campus Wednesday, October 3 from 3-4:30pm in S-19 Petty Lecture Hall.

Join internationally renowned author and wellness professional, Mr. German Schleinkofer of Bad Woerishofen, Southern, Germanyand his wife, Sissi, as they present, “Walking the 48th Parallel & Kneipp Hydrotherapy for Lifelong Wellness.”  The couple will be visiting Saranac Lake as part of German’s quest to walk the 48th parallel around the world.  To date, he has completed 5,000 miles on this journey and just completed walking the 48th Parallel across Europe and Asia.  His commitment to wellness and the Kneipp Philosophy has led him to hold seminars and lectures on Kneipp Hydrotherapy all over the world. He and his wife, Sissi, will be guests in the village of Saranac Lake from October 1-7, 2012  to share their inspiring personal story.

 German Schleinkofer is a Massage Therapist, Kneipp Health Trainer, Educator and Lecturer for the Association of Kneipp Physicians and author of the book, “Natürlich gesund mit Kneipp,” translated  “Naturally Healthy with Kneipp.”  His wife, Sissi, is also a Massage Therapist and Wellness and Hydrotherapy Specialist.   InGermany, Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) developed a system of water cures for treating body and soul to tonify the body’s resistance to disease.  This hydrotherapy system is practiced in Europe in special spas and is still popular inGermany today.  With abundant natural water bodies, German and Sissi find theAdirondacks to be an ideal place to practice and share this art.  Community members, health, wellness and outdoor professionals are encouraged to attend this lecture to explore the possibilities of incorporating new water-based wellness practices into their daily work.

This program is offered by NCCC’s Massage Therapy and Wilderness Recreation Leadership departments.  For more information about Schleinkofer’s published works, visit  Questions?  Contact Johnna MacDougall 891-2915 x1297, or Stef Kearns,, 891-2915 x1223.

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