Cuomo Fighting Long Term Unemployment

Governor Cuomo announces a new initiative to combat long-term unemployment in New York State over the weekend..  New Yorkwill distribute $6 million in federal grants to companies that hire long-term unemployed individuals, and they plan to deploy a mobile response team to assist individuals seeking work in high unemployment areas.

New York’s Labor Commissioner Peter Rivera says “Getting a job can be a tremendous hurdle – especially if you’ve been out of work for more than 26 weeks..” and he says “The Governor’s multi-pronged initiative will offer resources to help them find work.”

The $6 million in federal grants will provide wage subsidies to businesses that hire a new employee. The Governor has directed the State Department of Labor and Empire State Development to work with local workforce development agencies to promote the available federal training dollars in every region of the state. The Administration will partner with employers which used these grants in the past to hire long-term unemployed workers as a way to promote the proven record of job creation this type of funding can bring.

The federal grant is the second “On-the-Job Training” grant given toNew YorkState.New Yorkwas nationally recognized last year for its work using this type of grant to help unemployed individuals find jobs, and additional funding was granted toNew Yorkto expand its back-to-work initiatives.

Further, the Governor’s initiative will include a Mobile Reemployment Response Team to target areas that have the highest rate of long-term unemployment inNew York. The team will set up one and two day operations at libraries, schools and community centers. Unemployment insurance recipients who have received 27 or more weeks of benefits to date will be invited, although all New Yorkers will be welcome. Services will be tailored to the long-term job seeker and include resume writing and interviewing, skills matching, tailored job leads and training opportunity counseling, amongst other services. Prior to arriving, the specialized team will use DOL’s local business service representatives to canvass local employers for job opportunities that meet the terms of the federal grant.

The Mobile Reemployment Response Team is an enhanced version of the state’s Rapid Response team. Rapid Response has a proven record of helping laid-off workers find jobs. Since January 2011, Rapid Response teams have met with thousands of newly laid-off New Yorkers and helped connect 9,800 individuals to jobs.

Over the next month, the Mobile Reemployment Response Team will travel to the following upstate locations where its directive is to meet with at least 25% of the local population afflicted with long-term unemployment.




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