Democrats honoring Joe Pickreign

Harrietstown Democrats announce an event to Honor Long-Time Chairman Joe Pickreign..

The Town of Harrietstown Democratic Committee will honor recently retired Chairman, Joe Pickreign, during a “Tribute” event on Thursday, October 18th at Charlie’s Inn in Lake Clear.

 Pickreign served as Chair of the Town of Harrietstown Democratic organization for 13 years and was also Chairman of the Franklin County Democratic Committee for 33 years.  Pickreign was elected Town of Harrietstown Councilman in 1989 and then was elected Town Supervisor in 2000 and served in that position for 2 years.  Pickreign just retired from the New York State Democratic Committee, but remains a director in the New York State Democratic Rural Conference.

Village Trustee Tom Catillaz is the Democrat’s Candidate for Harrietstown Supervisor..  and  served with Pickreign on the democratic committee.. He says “Joe Pickreign dedicated most of his adult life to enhancing the political process in Franklin Countyand the Town of Harrietstown.  He is more that deserving of this tribute.”

Committee members are selling tickets to the tribute at $25 per person -

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