Driving the Saranac Lake Village Beach to Lake Flower hits first Road Block

The concept of moving the Saranac Lake Village Beach to Lake Flower began in June with a facebook site called “Lake Flower Beach Return” and in less than 19 hours, brought in over 3,000 members… and a core group of supporters are meeting regularly. That group includes  Phil Griffin who runs the website Bunk’s Place and a facebook page called Adirondack Bunk..  He says he’d like to see anything that will bring Saranac Lake back on it’s feet again  and the beach would be a good start..

Monday’s Village Board Meeting in Saranac Lake brings the first public comment on the concept of moving the beach since the new committee began publicly discussing it’s work..

That’s Joy Cranker, a resident of Saranac Lake who lives near the Lake Colby Beach. She’s attending the meeting with her two children and during the public comment period, asks the Village Board not to move the beach..  Cranker told us after the meeting it’s been a long time since there used to a beach there..

The Beach committee has agreed on developing a study which would include all of the appropriate research and work required, including an investigation into the permitting process and said it will also be important to assure that everyone is safe, and can eventually take advantage of a free recreational activity in the Village…   Cranker told the village board, she believes there is a real benefit from having the beach on Lake Colby..

While the conversation has begun, the group will be taking things one step at a time.. and the groups leader Shawn Boyer says – they’re going to take Baby Steps on the way to a final goal..

The Lake Flower Beach Return Committee’s initial plans to hire a consultant will cost approximately $5,000 and while the group believes they need to move forward with this work, they will first need to raise the money for the research, which will undoubtedly identify and suggest solutions to the issues of moving the beach to Lake Flower.

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