Emergency Funding for Essex County – Supervisors Release Bus to Keene

EssexCountyaccepts a two year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.. The Community Health Grant will provide $127,000 forEssexCountyto address Health Disparities in the County..  The County’s Sheriff’s Department will also receive $22,250 as part of a separate resolution by theEssexCountyboard at a recent meeting where Supervisors accepted a 2012 State Homeland Security Program Grand totaling $89,000 – about $67,0000 of that grant will go to the Emergency Services Department with the remainder headed to the Sheriff..

EssexCountyhas also authorized the release of the County’s Interest in the 2006 Ford Bud to the Town ofKeene…   Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley is The Chair of the Transportation Committee. She clarified the release of the bus by saying “We are not giving a bus away” he tells the board.. “ Somebody came to me and said – we need buses, why are you giving them away”  and he made it clear that the county is transferring ownership toKeene.. they’re not getting rid of the bus”  Keene Supervisor Bill Ferebee responded by saying “The bus was purchased with 5311 funding which was primarily owned by Essex County however the Town of Keene has used the bus since it was new and that is all you are doing is transferring what little interest the County actually has in the bus completely to the Town of Keene“ and he says “thats a result of Mike LaBello from DOT determining that that bus has reached its useful life as far as NYS DOT requirements are and so that is why they are giving it to Keene.” At this time now we can still use that bus for whatever we chose to use it for in the Town ofKeene.

The Board at a recent meeting also authorized Essex County to enter into an agreement with the Keend Fire District incident to the use of $640,000 of a $755,200 Grant from the New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation and the Office of Community Renewal – Allowing for the dispursement of funds to the Keene Fire District…

Supervisor Bill Ferebe openly thanked Chairman Randy Douglas and Mike Mascarenas – he says without all their hard work getting this grant, it would not have been possible..

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