Essex Public Safety Recommends Infinigy for Radio Project

The Essex County Public Safety Committee approves a request to award Infinigy Engineering $666,600 out of the radio project monies for civil work for the radio project. Department Head Dan Palmer says this is good news for the radio project. Palmer says the budget for the project was originally estimated at between $1.2 and $1.5 million.  The bids came in with a range with three bidders. A&S Advanced bid $785,000. R.J. Scheckler bid $1.1 million. Infinigy bid $732,600.

Palmer continues by saying in the original bids they asked for delivery to the sites of the shelters and the generators and so they included within their original bid the cost for that and under Infinigy it was $66,000. Ultimately the county opted to remove the delivery charges from the contractor and go back to the vendor for the delivery itself so the people we are buying the shelters from are actually going to do the delivery.  The reason we did that was because of the difficulties of getting these items to the sites and if something happened to them during the transportation then there would be an issue of whose fault it is, whether it was the contractor’s fault. So by going back to the actual vendor who is making them, United Concrete is actually doing the shelters and there is a company doing the generators, they are going to deliver to the sites.  It cost a little more actually to have them do it, but it was important to have the vendors do it.

Ultimately though, the pricing did come in good on this.Prestonsays they were pretty pleased with what the overall cost was. They had anticipated that it was going to be like a $1.2 million dollar item and it came in at $700,000.

Each structure will hold all the network, the hardware, the equipment, the radios – everything is stored within those shelters. They are 12×12 concrete pre-fabbed buildings set on a concrete slab and then you have to have generators installed along with propane tanks installed – Most of the sites have electrical power going up to them but you always have to have the backup generators and those things.

Preston says The funding for this is coming out of the $10 million which was approved for the emergency radio project.

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