Lake Placid’s Elementary School Playground Reopens Wednesday

The Lake Placid Elementary School Playground will open again on Wednesday thanks to the help of a committed group of Volunteers who spent the afternoon Friday and most of the day on Saturday working on the final touches to the newly designed playground..  By mid afternoon Saturday, the ominous pile of woodchips are disappearing quickly from the parking area where they were originally delivered..

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Alicia Brandis is one of the volunteers working next to the shrinking pile of wood fiber as three bucket loaders pick up and deliver the new playground surface to it’s final destination.. She says it was a little wet on Saturday morning and a lot of wood chips to move but there’s been a lot of help and the work is going well..   Riley Preston is standing in the parking area where the wood chips were delivered. She says they are shoveling, raking and moving equipment around… and she’s looking forward to playing on the new surface. One thing about the tunnel which has been designed into the playground… it’s a perfect spot to direct the bucket loaders and Javier Perez, the Elementary School Principle has taken advantage of the location to identify where the next few yards of wood fiber should be raked into the hill.. Perez tells WNBZ there’s been a great community effort to complete the work and at 3pm on Saturday the last few bucket loads of wood fiber are dumped into place.  The work being done Saturday is the culmination of several months of planning to re-design the elements in the school yard.. .. If you look over at the new slide, for example,  it’s built like a mountain… Essentially, there’s nowhere to fall because the slide is built into this mountain of wood chips on either side..Obviously one of the advantages of volunteering is that you get to be some of the first to play king of the hill on the new tunnel mountain..  It wouldn’t have able to reopen this Wednesday without help from 30 members of the Northwood Hockey Team and their advisor Andy Bonatello who encouraged them to volunteer, manpower from The Town of North Elba, The School District, and The Village of Lake Placid and the Electric Department.. and of course Parents and the FRIENDS group, Dianne Brenner who lead the volunteer effort says there must have been at least 40 Volunteers on Saturday along with another group on Friday plus the Northwood Hockey team and the work finishes ahead of expectations.. Just in time for the First Annual Brewfest in the 1932 Rink at the Olympic Center – That’s the topic of a special Columbus Day K&J Show – 8:10am Columbus Day..  The Wood Fibers need to cure Monday and Tuesday and the Playground will open for the first time to students Wednesday without much ceremony, except to say the first kids with recess will be the first kids on the new playground…


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