Montreal Earthquake felt in Tri-Lakes

A small earthquake was felt in The Tri Lakes Region early Wednesday Morning… Canada’s CBC TV reports the epicenter about 23 miles North Northeast of the Montreal region..

Allison Bent  is a seismologist for Natural Resources Canada .. She  says it was a magnitude 4.5 quake with no reports of damage, although it did create jitters.. The Earthquake lasted about 10 seconds – causing buildings to rumble. But Bent said any serious damage was highly unlikely, and both the Montreal and Laval police forces said they had no reports of any.

Minor Montreal-area quakes common

CBC meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe, who is also a seismologist, said theMontrealregion has approximately one earthquake every five days, but most are too weak to be felt.

Before Wednesday, the most recent tremor of significant magnitude in the area was a 3.0 last Thursday located about six kilometres north of Huntingdon, a small community southwest ofMontrealnear theU.S.border. Three other earthquakes since Sept. 15 have been felt inQuebec, according to Natural Resources Canada.

According to the United States Geological Survey the two most damaging earthquakes in the region happened in 1935 and 1732.

A quake with magnitude between 2 and 3 is the lowest normally perceptible to humans. A magnitude 5 quake is considered moderate.

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